Coverage Disputes and Bad Faith

Defending claims on behalf of insurance carriers requires heightened levels of reporting within a budget. Garcia Legal PA provides the full spectrum of litigation services in  First and Third Party claims, including SIU services, coverage opinions, and claim investigations.

We understand that defending claims that stem from the Insurer/Insured relationship requires an attorney to be a strong litigator, and have the ability to interpret the complexities of varying insurance polices and their coverages.

Founded in 2011 by Joseph A. Garcia, Garcia Legal PA specializes in the areas of First Party property defense for homeowners insurance carriers (Defense and EUO), and Third Party liability defense for large commercial insurance carriers (CGL Polices; E & O; D & O; and Government Entities).

This focus on General and Professional liability defense allows us to harness the collective power of our Firm into each individual case.  95% of our caseload stems directly from insurance policy disputes or Third Party representation of insureds, so our attorneys understand the significance of the Insured/Insurer relationship.

We have worked the big cases and do not flinch when the pressure is on. Our attorneys can quickly and accurately dissect the facts of a claim or lawsuit thereby giving you more information and options.

Recent surveys indicate that insurance bad faith claims are on the rise nationally.  Many of these claims involve highly sensitive and significant matters with the potential to have serious impacts on the insurance industry as a whole.  Our bad faith practice group has the experience to guide our clients through the defense of a bad faith claim, including first and third-party bad faith and common law and statutory claims.  Our team works with our clients throughout all stages of a potential bad faith claim to ensure the client’s specific needs are met.