Commercial Litigation

Garcia Legal PA provides General Counsel services for commercial entities, including major credit unions, freight forwarders, and commercial brokers.   Our firm also maintains a dedicated commercial litigation department in order to “Fast Track” the commercial legal needs of our clients.   Garcia Legal PA handles commercial collections  and subrogation matters for its clients, including multinational banks, national insurance carriers, and commercial creditors.

Our commercial litigation attorneys are nationally recognized by the leading industry trade groups, and admitted to local bankruptcy courts so that they can follow a commercial claim from inception to collection.   They are trained to use technology to their advantage in order to push commercial litigation through the legal process in a speedy and cost effective manner.  Our Attorneys have years in commercial litigation experience and harnessing their collective abilities allows us provide the complete range of commercial litigation services, including:


Contract disputes;

Employee disputes;

Bankruptcy actions;

Collections; and

Commercial property and real property closings